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Citizens Action Shipping Load List


# Pallets


Date Sent

From HUB



DB Rcd#

UPS2Paint2/6/07Methuen, MAOcean Springs, MSCamp Victor825
UPS2Laptops & Toys & Games2/5/07Methuen, MANew Orleans, LALiberty City CDC507
UPS11Paint and construction materials1/26/07Methuen, MABiloxi, MSIDTF545
UPS1Computers1/16/07Methuen, MABiloxi, MSCoastal Family Health   526
UPS52 plt computers, 3 plt paint/stain1/16/07Methuen, MAMoss Point, MS   Restoration & Revival803
UPS8cabinets, stove, food, computers12/27/06Methuen, MAJayess, MSSouthern MS Rural Health728
UPS6books, household, sports equip12/27/06Methuen, MABuras, LAEmergency Communities401
UPS   15-gal Paint Drums12/27/06Methuen, MABayou La Btre, ALLutheran Disaster Recovery853
UPS25-gal Paint Drums11/29/06Methuen, MA  Kiln, MSCamp Coastal Outpost442
UPS3Paint11/29/06Methuen, MAJayess, MSSouthern MS Rural Health728
UPS21 plt textbooks, 1 plt computers11/16/06Methuen, MAWaveland, MS   Katrina Relief1005
UPS149plt cabinets, 2plt furniture, 3p paint+stain11/16/06Methuen, MAWaveland, MSWaveland DPW.
UPS2computers, office supplies & chair11/1/06Methuen, MABiloxi, MSCoastal Family Health526
UPS   3Computers10/16/06Methuen, MAGloster, MSAmite County Schools184
UPS   2Computers10/16/06Methuen, MAGloster, MSCommunity Learning Center400
UPS8Computers9/22/06Methuen, MAVioletEmergency Communities401
UPS1Paint9/15/06Methuen, MAPass Christian, MSRotary Int'l554
UPS2Paint8/1/06Methuen, MAKiln, MSCamp Coastal442
UPS2Paint8/1/06Methuen, MAKiln, MSHancock County EOC98
UPS1Paint8/1/06Methuen, MABiloxi, MSHANDS467
UPS318 iMac Computers7/28/06Methuen, MANew Orleans, LAIsraelite Baptist507
UPS.17 Computers/Monitors.Methuen, MAKiln/Waveland, MSPathfinder Mission494
UPS5Supplies/Computer7/28/06Methuen, MAViolet/Arabi, LAEmergency Communities401
UPS2Paint6/29/06Methuen, MAWaveland, MSPathfinder Mission494
UPS10Cabinet/Paint/Build Supplies6/26/06Methuen, MAKiln, MSCamp Coastal442
UPS8Cabinets/Various Supplies4/18/06Methuen, MAKiln, MSCamp Coastal442
UPS3Library Books School3/9/06Methuen, MA
St Bernard Parish Schools.
UPS2Norwell's books3/7/06Methuen, MANew Orleans, LABrothers of the Holy Cross192
UPS2Coats/Supplies2/14/06Methuen, MAArabi, LAEmergency Communities401
UPS3Various Supplies2/10/06Methuen, MAOcean Springs, MSChristus Victor ~Lutheran Church34
UPS4Various Supplies2/3/06Methuen, MAArabi, LAEmergency Communities401
UPS2Various Supplies/Toys1/26/06Methuen, MAMetarie, LAJewish Children's Services.
UPS3Supplies1/24/06Methuen, MAWaveland, MSSt Clare's590
UPS1Latex Gloves1/19/06Methuen, MABiloxi, MSCoastal Family Health.
UPS14Various Supplies/Toys12/20/05....
UPS1Food12/20/05Methuen, MABiloxi, MSUrban Life Ministries269


Methuen, MAKiln, MSCamp Coastal442
UPS1Toys 12/14/05Methuen, MAKiln, MSCamp Coastal442
UPS3Various Supplies1/24/05Methuen, MAWaveland,MSSt. Clare's590

Disclaimer: Many loads have been delivered to facilities in the Gulf by truck, SUV, cars etc that have not been tracked.  We estimate the total loads to date, Oct. 06, to be approximately 350 pallets of supplies thru Citizen Action Team in Acton, MA & surrounding communities.  Countless loads have been shipped to the Gulf by partners listed in the Relief Database and many, many more. There is still much NEEDED and many years of rebuilding to be done!!

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