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The Database
The power of this tool is that it can match information in a variety of ways!

  • Facilities List: Click here to see the list of facilities being tracked in the database. Click on the name of a facility to see the facility record which gives contact information, what the facility does, and what it needs and/or has available for disaster victims. Scroll down to see all the information.
  • Availability/Needs: To see what items facilities need or have available. Click on this link and scroll down to list. The list can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the title of that column.
  • Items Being Tracked: To see what facilities need a particular "item". Click on this link and scroll down to a particular item of interest, choose "show", scroll down and you'll see the facilities that have registered a need for that item! ALWAYS call to verify as conditions change daily!!
  • Volunteer Positions: Use this link to find facilities who have listed a need for the type of work you want to do. Note: You can volunteer from home too!
  • Volunteer Camps: Use this link to see a list of places to volunteer in the disaster area.
  • TIP: All lists can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the title of that column.

  • Enter New Facility: To create a new facility, click on this link to create your organization’s record. Please check facilities list to make sure your organization doesn’t already have a record. Click on the RED (search button) at the top to look for your facility. This is a google search and will catch if the facility is under a nickname, etc.  After entering your information, click on “Create" at the bottom left of the page. At the end of the facility record you will see an edit button to make record changes. You will also see in green type "Quick Availability Creator" and "Quick Needs Creator".  These link buttons allow you to enter items that you have to share or that you need. Use “matching” buttons to see who in the database needs what you have or has what you need.
  • TIP: All "enter," "save" or "create" buttons are located at the bottom left of your screens.
  • See Resources & Tools button (main buttons on the left) for more information on using the database.  We strongly recommend you to see the "How to Use the Database" presentations.
  • If you would rather talk to a person, please email helpdesk with your contact information and someone will call you back. Please include daytime and evening phone numbers.

Links to the Database:

Online Database QUICK START

Facilities List
Items Being Tracked
Volunteer Positions
Volunteer Camps
Enter New Facility

Intro and How to Use the Database Presentation

Note: Download takes approx. 30min if you have dial up internet access.
After opening Press F5 to start slide show.
Then press "n" or “down arrow” to move to next slide.

Cheat Sheets for the CAT Relief Database - [Haiti Specific]
(Files are big so may take a few minutes to come up)

Cheat Sheet No. 1
Cheat Sheet No. 2
Cheat Sheet No. 3

Database HelpDesk:


Phone: 978 266 2778