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1. Supply Issues
2 St. Bernard pic
3 The Need
4 Lafayette pic
5 Teamsters
6 Acton High
7 Who's the User
8 User Types
9 Different Info Needed
10 Relief Workr/Victims
11 Distribution System
12 Tour of Dbase
13 Dbase Goals 1
14 Dbase Goals 2
15 Dbase Goals 3
16 Dbase Goals 4
17 Dbase Goals 5
18 Excel v. Dbase
19 Info Evolution

Why We Organized

Emergency Response Supply Issues

Huge energy, moving fast, with little direction 

* gatherers are excited to help 
* groups gathering supplies fast 
* needs changing fast on the front lines as others deliver supplies too 
* “packet-size” is huge - loads are by “semi-truck”. 
    - difficult to route so much at one time
     - must fill truck before it can leave
     - this all makes the routing challenge immense
     - by the time you’ve packed the truck, they may no longer need what’s in the front of the truck
* growing number of people asking for direction constantly

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