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  • If you are interested in gathering humanitarian supplies for disaster relief and/or for the rebuilding a disaster zone, please contact us to get help figuring out how/what to gather.....
  • Sending the wrong things to the wrong place is worse than sending nothing at all.
  • We can help you do it right! 
  • We are developing a template for a National Relief Trucking System in concert with national level players
  • In the Northeast, the Citizen Action Team, in cooperation with the United Way, Barrett Logistics, and UPS Freight have a shipping hub where pallets can be sent to the gulf for $50.[this is old info, pls update]
  • CAT may be able to arrange for similar "per-pallet" rates from other regions. Please call for more information. [be aware that shippers have been consolidating since this original post, and we'll need an executive to give the AOK, like what happened wtih UPS Freight, before they got bought out by Fedex]
  • In addition, other groups are helping arrange for shipping of donated supplies, including FreeHaul.
  • Readers are advised to ask a lot of questions of those helping to arrange for trucking of donations to make sure that they know where their shipping dollars is going when they give money to these groups. The groups may or may not be using some of your money for their own expenses and/or personal incomes.




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