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Onsite Volunteer Considerations

If you are considering volunteering onsite consider these issues:

DO NOT GO to a site that you have not made arrangements with.  DO NOT show up at a facility that is not expecting you.  Sites that are not ready for volunteers get in the way and cause untold problems.

2. HOUSING:  make sure that the place you're going to work HAS housing for you.  If they do not, then you must make your own arrangements.  The facility may be able to recommend a volunteer camp, bunk house, etc.  Be aware that volunteer housing facilities may charge $/day.  Click here for a link to VOLUNTEER HOUSING.

3. EQUIPMENT: if you require equipment to do your job, do not assume that onsite facilities have that equipment.  If you have extra equipment it might also be needed onsite.

4. PERSONAL SUPPLIES:  if you need anything, bring it. Seriously.  Especially in a disaster zone.  So do NOT assume that there are stores within walking distance.  Stores may be a hundred miles away.

5. MEALS and SHOWERS:  do not assume that the facilities will all provide meals and/or showers.  Don't despair, though.  You might be able to find meals and showers, by clicking here for MEALS or here for SHOWERS.